Nabobil.no is an online marketplace for rental of private cars and ensures that car owners and car renters can enter into an agreement in a simple and efficient way. Nabobil.no was established in 2015 and by the end of 2017 has almost reached 60,000 bookings and 6,000 active cars in the database. Even Heggernes is CEO of Nabobil.no. Read more about Nabobil on their webpages.


More than 3 billion people in developing economies are uninsured and thereby have little to no financial safety net in case of accidents or misfortune. DataDrivenFinance’s ambition is to ‘open the mass market’ of insurance in Kenya and provide insurance coverage to a minimum of 2 million Kenyans within 3-5 years, approximately 4 % of the total market. For those privileged with (high-end) insurance products, Kenyan underwriters spend between 40%-55% of the collected premiums on administration of their policies. That is enormously ineffective, and a clear indication that traditional insurance workflows will be too expensive for the low-income population. By use of mobile technology the administrative cost will significantly be reduced. Jan Martin Hunderi is the CEO of DataDrivenFinance. Read more about DataDrivenFinance on their webpages.


Picterus is developing an app that can diagnose jaundice in newborns. This will make parents able to safely monitor jaundice from home. The vision is to eliminate jaundice as a health issue throughout the world. Currently, more than 100.000 newborns die from jaundice every single year, much due to the lack of cheap diagnostic systems. In addition, jaundice is a cause of a lot of stress and anxiety for parents in high income countries, as they are left to monitor jaundice on their own, and often must travel several times back and forth to hospitals just to check on their child’s jaundice. Our app will give parents the ability to safely monitor jaundice from home while at the same time making healthcare workers in developing countries able to save lives. It works by taking pictures of the child with a color calibration card placed on the child’s chest. This app can be sold either to hospitals, which can save money if parents use our app, or directly to the parents. Gunnar Vartdal is the CEO of Picterus.

Read more about Picterus on their webpages.


Fosera Manufacturing PLC assembles solar energy high quality plug n’ play lighting and charging kits intended for electrification of households and institutions in the non- electrified areas of Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, about 85% of rural households (12 million households) do not have access to the electricity grid. Solar electrical systems have always been seen as a viable solution for off-grid areas but up until recently have been too expensive (technology and installation) for significant deployment. Lately, designers of solar home pico systems, have been able to successfully reduce prices to acceptable levels.

Read more about Fosera and their work, on  their webpages.

Spark Possibilities

Spark Possibilities is the brand of Sunspot Energy, a distributed energy service company that sells small solar products and pay-as-you-go solar home systems to rural and semi-rural customers who do not benefit from access to a national electrical grid in sub-Saharan Africa countries. Solar home products vary in capacity that generally include a photovoltaic solar panel, a battery, three or four lamps, USB inputs to charge a mobile phone, access for a television or other appliances such as a fan or refrigerator. The solar products are sold in cash and on installment, in which customers purchase the products over a designated term by making regular payments to amortize the installment loan. A customer will own the products after the accumulated installment payments fully cover the purchase price. Read more about Spark Possibilities on their webpages.


Mazemap provides indoor maps and navigation services in hospitals, university campuses, conference centers, shopping centers, airports, hotels etc. It will help students, employees, patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and operators locate what they search indoors either it is rooms or equipment or “things”. Mazemap’s goal is to make indoor maps as available as outdoor maps and fully automate the production of indoor maps at zero cost. MazeMap are utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence in the production of the maps. Thomas Jelle is the CEO of Mazemap. Read more about Mazemap on their webpage.


CarryCut is a shared economy marketplace for transport of goods – connecting retailers, transporters and receivers of goods. When a retailer wish to send goods from A to B, the retailer will share the transport job on the CarryCut marketplace. Based on recommendations, availability, price and transport type, the retailer decides which transporter gets the job. The receiver of goods decides the destinations address, and agree time of delivery with the transporter. On route the goods can be tracked, and based on Carrycut’s matching algorithm the transporter will always be able to find the best route. New transport jobs will automatically be recommended based on the location of the transporter. Børge Kjeldstad is the CEO of Carry Cut. Read more about CarryCut on their webpage.


Payr is an independent bill payment platform, saving time and money for consumers on bill payments. Users of Payr can pay any bill from any account, debit or credit cards or digital wallets. Payr is fast, simple and user friendly, and enable users to save on the bills that really matter, like electricity, bank loans, insurance, telecom and more with very little effort. Payr compares the best alternatives, and allow the users to change providers automatically in-app with a few clicks. And the best, it´s completely free for the user. Payr is fully licensed and compliant, and Payr’s partners that take care of security, are industry leaders. Espen Grimstad is the CEO of Payr. Read more about Payr on their webpage.


PictoryTale is the ultimate mobile platform for Augmented Reality (AR). The ambition is to become a leading AR Social Media platform by 2020, and the mission is to provide easy-to-use, everyday tools that put the magic of AR into the everyday lives of mobile users. PictoryTale enhance digital conversations with real life elements. By helping people share moments and emotions in a more compelling way than traditional messaging apps can deliver, PictoryTale will change the way people communicate on their phones. Håkon Gundersen is the CEO of PictoryTale. Read more about PictoryTale on their webpage.

REC Silicon

REC Silicon is a leading producer of advanced silicon materials, delivering high-purity polysilicon and silane gas to the solar and electronics industries worldwide. REC Silicon combine 25 years of experience and proprietary technology with the needs of their customers, and have an annual capacity of 20,000 MT of polysilicon from the two US-based manufacturing plants. Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: REC), the company is headquartered in Moses Lake, Washington and employs 800 people.

Read more about REC on  their webpages.

Scatec Solar

Scatec Solar is an integrated independent solar power producer, aiming to make solar a sustainable and affordable source of energy worldwide. Scatec Solar develops, builds, owns and operates solar power plants in the Czech Republic, South Africa, Rwanda, Honduras and Jordan. The company is in strong growth and has a solid pipeline of projects under development in Africa, US, Japan, Middle East and Europe. Scatec Solar is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

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Internet of

Beijing University of Post and Telecom (BUPT) has developed a software platform for delivery of IoT services. The software is used for smart city applications and includes components of service execution, service development and resource management. BUPT is searching for a foreign partner which might be interested in a collaboration with BUPT.  A partner of BUPT will have access to the IoT market in China.


Change Com supports Fornebu BTK, a well driven table tennis club in Bærum, Norway. The sponsorhip ensures the club access to competent training staff for promising young players. Read about the club on their webpages.

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