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Change Com invests in roadside assistance and rescue services

By 8. februar 2024No Comments

Change Com is pleased to announce that on January 15, 2024 we invested in OKOA, a Kenyan start-up company that has set out to help transport companies establish contact with drivers of broken-down vehicles to the nearest certified workshop.

Transport companies with large fleets experience that quite a few trucks break down when delivering goods. Until now, most companies have relied on in-house mechanics who are often stationed hours away from the accident sites. The OKOA solution is to procure, control, organize and link a network of mechanics, tow trucks, workshops and spare parts suppliers across East Africa.

OKOA’s ambition is to deliver a high-quality service to customers, and a centralized database of workshops has been established to carry out rescue requests.

OKOA’s solution will both reduce direct costs (i.e. transport costs) and indirect costs (i.e. loss of goods) and thus create value for the transport companies.

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